OntoLand is a project funded by National Science Centre under the title “Modeling of spatial objects and phenomena and relation between them with the use of ontologies and semantic networks for land management”

The project goals are the development of models for spatial objects, phenomena and relationships that support advanced search, integration, verification and publication of the geospatial data and models. The research exploits the ontological concepts and includes contributions to knowledge bases and semantic web technologies.

Specific goals of this proposal encompass contributions to the following topics:

  1. Ontology-driven approach of modeling of spatial data
  2. Integration of spatial data with contextual data model extension for spatial data
  3. Inference of new information and spatial relationships on the basis of existing spatial information using OWL-DL and SWRL
  4. Semantic interoperability in particular related to the geospatial web services orchestration in a ZOO environment and North 52
  5. Development of thesauri and ontologies for spatial contextual information retrieval and multilingual aspects
  6. Construction of ontologies for the development of objectives listed above

Experiments focus on areas:

  1. Integration of data from the Polish National Geodetic and Cartographic Register
  2. Inference of new information which will be based on data from Land and Building Register and spatial development plans
  3. Semantic interoperability related with orchestration of geospatial web services
  4. Multilingualism in discovery of spatial data from the National Geodetic and Cartographic Register in traditional catalogue services

In the project, the authors aim is to identify new areas of application of spatial information and new functionality of existing GIS systems resulting from the use of Semantic Web technologies in the field of spatial information.

Project includes development of tools:

  • Semantic sDSS
  • SemGIS RDFa Editor