Semantic sDSS

Semantic sDSS or semantic oriented spatial issues decision suport system.

Concept of Semantic sDSS is an attempt to use Semantic Web technology to support complex analysis for spatial data resources. Semantic sDSS uses the Description Logic models in form of ontologies, describing and classifying fenomena by multi-faceted properties sets. Such properties sets could be seen as complex criteria for objects classification. This make possible to use semantic reasoners (reasoning engines) for identifying objects, by types conforming searched analysis results.

Semantic SDSS is a bridge that creates a new layer that is applied over traditional GIS analysis systems. It adds features and capabilities lacking in traditional GIS.

Concept of spatial analysis and decision support system based on Semantic Web

System architecture

The disciplines, analyzed data and problems in the experiment

Conducting of analytical procedures

On the picture below: spatial analysis result presentation, performed in HermiT reasoner, displayed in Quantum GIS project.