Semantic sDSS. The disciplines, analyzed data and problems in the experiment

The experiment uses spatial data resources in the field of cadastre (register of land and buildings), the technical infrastructure (public utilities), transportation (road network) and spatial planning (zoning plan).


Description of the problem used in the experiment is defined in the ontology ( It contains a synthesis of domain ontologies in the field of cadastre, infrastructure, transport and land use planning and the definition of criteria for decision-making. Subject of the analysis, written in the ontology is to find parcels that meet the criteria required for the release of an administrative decision – the so-called decision of conditions for spatial development.


Relational represenation of data is mapped to semantic model and vice versa. Tables a mapped to owl:Classes, foreign key dependences to owl:ObjectProperties, table columns (relation attributes) to owl:DataProperties.


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Concept of spatial analysis and decision support system based on Semantic Web

System architecture

The disciplines, analyzed data and problems in the experiment

Conducting of analytical procedures