Semantic sDSS. System architecture

The system consists of:

  1. A relational database PostgreSQL / PostGIS, which is used in the following areas:

    1. for spatial data storing in a traditional relational form;

      • _02_ObjectRepresentation_RDBMS
    2. to perform a given spatial analysis using the PostGIS functions, relevant for analytical problem, especially to find topological relations between objects;

      • sdss_10
    3. as a environment of the application written in pl/pgsql, used to:

      • carry out complex spatial analyzes,

      • generate RDF/XML document, which will be the ABox, passed to reasoning application that runs in a Java environment.

      • _053_ABox_individuals_with_rels
  2. Reasoning engine (Hermit OWL Reasoner –
  3. Application written in Java, using libraries such as OWL API (, Pellet (, Hertmit (

    1. importing ontology TBox, which stores the classification criteria (used as analytical definitions and criteria for decision-making);

    2. making the extraction of facets, containing class (domain), property / relationship, a restriction on the value / class (range);

    3. storing in the table indicated obtained facets in order to:

      • mapping classes with the appropriate PostGIS tables and map the properties of the respective columns that define relationships to other classes or enrolling significant value,

      • translated using the above mapping to generate ABox, according to the ontology TBox;

    4. retrieving an ABox from database and performing on the inference process;

    5. getting the results of the reclassification of objects (by rdf: type attribute) and objects belonging to classes which define the result of the decision problem;

    6. save the class names in PostGIS tables, in the column dedicated to store the result of inference.

  4. GIS application – it can be any Desktop GIS application (Quantum GIS, uDig, Kosmo) or web application (GeoMajas, an application based on OpenLayers), which allows you to connect and edit data stored in the PostgreSQL / PostGIS database, either directly, via http or via mapping services WFST.

    • _06_sdss_25
  5. Domain ontologies and decision criteria ontologies. Ontologies define a hierarchy of classes of objects in a particular area and the characteristic properties of the discipline. Decision criteria ontologies contain definitions of classes, based on the constraints on the properties which constitute the criteria for classification. These are the de facto decision-making criteria, defining results to specific problems.

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