SemGIS RDFa Editor. Objectives of the project

Development of SemGis RDFa Editor was motivated by the need to provide tools for creating HTML documents containing RDFa semantic annotations. RDFa is designed to enrich the traditional HTML-based WWW resources, by the information layer, allowing computers to process them. So far, few web resources is available in this standard. This may be due to the difficulty to manually creation these such annotated resources.

The direct cause of the creation of the editor, is an attempt to see if it is technically possible to facilitate the generation of web resources containing a semantic layer. This is the only way to determine whether it will be useful in the practical application for users preparing documents and for automatic collection and processing of such data.

SemGis RDFa Editor is based on open source WYMeditor, developed by the project As described on the project site, “WYMeditor is a web-based WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) XHTML editor (not WYSIWYG).” WYMeditor was customized to the needs of the experiment, by extension of full RDFa attributes set. Another improvement, is the possibility of defining domain vocabularies (e.g. for spatial planning).

Such prepared editor could be used not only for spatial planning. It could work with other vocabularies, supporting annotation of various documents from different domains – e.g. economical prognosis and reports, environmental analyzes and forecasts, miscellaneous legal acts, volunteers’ action reports etc. Example described in this article is only one from many potential applications of this editor.

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